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First, to make things less confusing, this guide details three distinct formats of classic collections:. Name: Email address:. Essential, Vol. The missing 74 contained likenesses of the cast of Saturday Night Live, which Marvel does not have the rights to reprint. Have you ever wished you could own an entire series in one consistent, convenient, full-color bookshelf format?

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These are affordable, full-color collections of issues in perfect continuity order without a single gap. The catch? Marvel is releasing them in a random order to focus on the biggest gaps first — since early issues are already well-covered by both Essentials and Masterworks. Marvel Masterworks editions are high quality, full color reproductions of original issues. The volumes were originally released as hardcovers, with many now out of print. The same print sequence of books is now being released as paperbacks. If you decide to buy hardcovers, the newest editions are or newer, with silver dustjackets.

Masterworks Vol. Spider-Man was introduced in the final issue of anthology series Amazing Fantasy in , where his origin as an every-day geek turned crime-fighter via mad science and an unfortunate tragedy captured the imagination of an adoring public. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko quickly debuted him in his own title only a few months later, where his first issue featured a guest appearance from The Fantastic Four!

John Romita, Sr. Untold Tales of Spider-Man Omnibus Oversize Hardcover Though written in the s, the stories in this collection run seamlessly alongside Amazing Spider-Man issues exact chronology indicated below in italics. Collects Untold Tales -1, , and Annuals and Reprinted in Spider-Man immediately leaps from his own title to make an appearance in Fantastic Four Annual 1. After 49 he appears in Marvel Super-Heroes He appears in Daredevil 54 during ASM This issue range alone was also printed as The Death of Captain Stacy.

Also collected in Visionaries: Stan Lee, above. Typically team-ups last only issues.

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Amazing Spider-Man issues continue to be bolded without any title abbreviation. MTU Occur after Doctor Octopus, above. Spider-Man does not appear in Spider-Man does not appear in 32 or Ann 1 continues into 53, which features The X-Men. Marvel 1 and Marvel Super Special 1. The annual comes first, sequentially. SpSM Not collected. As noted earlier, falls earlier in continuity. Peter Parker This story takes place at some point after Peter has his own apartment.

Need to check placement.

Ultimate Spider-Man - Volume 17 : Clone Saga

MTU essentials end with Both annuals and all the other material! Annual 16 is also collected in Avengers: Absolute Vision, Vol. Spider-Man primarily appears in 1. Spider-Man plays a role through this series. Spider-Man appears in 2 and , plus several tie-ins.

Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 17: Clone Saga

Silver Sable, Vol. WoSM Not collected. The material in that Epic was previously collected across two paperbacks…. The Annual alone is collected in Marvel Weddings. Also available in hardcover and collected in a TPB of the same name. Venom TPB. Includes material from SpSM Tombstone, Vol. Parallel to SpSM That same run of issues is duplicated within the Acts of Vengeance omnibus. Two other collections include a portion of that ASM run, as well as other key Venom issues that follow:.

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SpM Vol. SpM , Vol. Doctor Doom TPB. Also collected in a Carnage TPB. Also collected in New Warriors Omnibus, Vol. Some back-up material from these annuals is included in The Vengeance of Venom, above. ASM Spider-Man vs. Hulk — Rematch Not collected. Strange Vol. ASM Lifetheft Not collected. ASM Pursuit Not collected. ASM Shrieking Not collected. Reprinted in as ISBN It is collected in total in an omnibus. He appears before ASM in Avengers For more information see Marvel Universe Events: Onslaught.

Amazing Spider-Man: Toy Fair Special 1 was released around this time; it is likely not in continuity. Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man was launched in , but the stories occur variously at other points of continuity.

Every Spider-Man Omnibus Released So Far

Wolverine Peter Parker: Spider-Man Vol. Spider-Man Activision 0: Not collected. Spider-Man: Death and Destiny : Not collected. Spider-Man vs.

Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume Clone Saga by Brian Michael Bendis

Punisher : Not collected. May be reprint material. Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski Omnibus Vol. This series of hardcovers effectively continues into The Other hardcover, below. Spider-Man Unlimited Not collected. Need to confirm placement. Also includes Peter Parker: Spider-Man Spider-Man: Blue Modern-day voiceover. Released here, but unsure of placement or if it is in continuity : Startling Stories: Megalomaniacal Spider-Man — 1 collected later in Strange Tales Need to check placement: Kingpin Spider-Man appears throughout.

Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. Need to check placement of both. House of M: Spider-Man appears in this story, as well as in a connected five-issue limited series. It does not directly impact his continuity, but he remembers the events. Archived from the original on Comics Continuum. July 22, The Amazing Spider-Man Storylines.

ustanovka-kondicionera-deshevo.ru/libraries/2020-04-17/1303.php In film In television In video games In novels. Bibliography of works on Spider-Man " With great power comes great responsibility ". Ultimate Spider-Man. Brian Michael Bendis writer Mark Bagley artist. Spider-Man comics publications. Superman vs. Categories Titles Storylines. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Namespaces Article Talk.

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